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Karnataka Meals

Published June 3, 2011 by crazyphoenix

The state of Karnataka has a scrumptious cuisine. It has a lot to offer to a foodie of any type. Various regions of the the historically significant state specialise in different aspects of cooking. People in Mysore and its vicinity enjoy a typical pure vegetarian Karnataka meal while those living in the long coastal belt have devised delectable recipes with meat, fish and a huge number of other sea food.

Sesame and groundnut oil is used as the medium of cooking in the interiors of Karnataka whereas coconut oil is used by the people in the coastal region. Impact of cuisine of neighbouring state of Goa can be seen on the Mangalore coast where people use milk of coconut as the cooking medium.

Staple food for the people of Karnataka is rice, jowar (millets) and raggi. People in northern Karnataka use more of jowar while those in Mysore prefer raggi. Inhabitants of Coorg also have their distinct style of cooking. Influence of both Hindu and Muslim style of cooking can be seen here as the state had been under the control of rulers of both the communities from time to time.

Although the ingredients differ from one region to another, a typical Kannadiga Oota (Karnataka meal) includes the following dishes in the order specified and is served on a banana leaf:

  • Kosambari
  • Pickle
  • Palya
  • Gojju
  • Raita
  • Dessert (Yes, it is a tradition to start your meal with a dessert – Paaysa)
  • Thovve
  • Chitranna
  • Rice and Ghee.

Kerala Meals

Published June 3, 2011 by crazyphoenix

Kerala, the land of diverse culture, offers extraordinary cuisine to its guests that definitely highlights the culinary proficiency of the Keralites. The state is considered to be the source of some of the world’s most famous and flavoursome dishes on earth. The hot and peppery cuisine of Kerala is abounding with coconuts. The Keralites are indeed the varied connoisseurs of their cuisines. The recipes are usually crisp, aromatic and tangy.

The meals of Kerala usually comes with the following:

  • Rice: Steamed rice made out of red boiled rice produced from kerala farm. People are also using ponni rice from Andra Pradesh as keralites in nowadays are used with ponni rice and it’s taste.Sambar: Sambar is a Indian curry which is used all over India. But it has got lot of variations from place to place. In kerala variation which is used in onam sadhya, mainly cocoanut and more vegetables are added.

     Avial is a dish belong to kerala only. It contains vegetables boiled with coconut paste with green chilly. Curd is added to give the desired taste. Lot of avial recipe is available on the internet.

    Kootu curry:
     kootucurry is is kerala curry made with peas and vegetables. It will not be in curry form but will be in a semi paste form.

     Olan is a kerala curry Dish made with swedes of snake beans and vegetable.

     Kalan is the curry made out of buttermilk and vegetable.

     Rasam is one of the south Indian dish which helps the digestion of food.
Side dishes are:
  • Upeeri[Chips]: Upeeri is made by boiling cabbage, beans,snake beans,cauliflower or similar vegetables with green chilly,turmeric powder and salt. It will be without water in dry formvarutha upperi[Fried Chips]: Is made with green banana. After cutting the banana it will be fried in vegetable oil or coconut oil.Sarkara upperi: Sarkarupperi also made with green banana but it will be mixed with zagri (sweet raw sugar) to make it sweet before frying.

    Puli or inchi curry: It has got 2 variations for south kerala and north kerala. Where south kerala this dish is made with grinding ginger, in north kerala it is made with tamarind paste. Whatever may be method of preparation it is it is a good appetizer.

    Pickle: Pickle with lemon or tender mango is served usually with onam sadhya.

    Papadum: Papadum fried in Coconut oil is a unavoidable dish in onam sadya.

    At the end of the big fat lunch they’ll offer you with any of these desserts:

    Palpayasam: Made with milk and Rice.
    SemiaPayasam: Made with Semia and Milk.
    Adaprathaman: Pradaman means first. As the name means people consider adapayasam isnumber one in the payasam. Made of ada (tiny pieces rice cake specially made) and milk
    Paripu payasam: Made with Dhal and milk.
    Cherupayar payasam:Made with cheru payar.

    Fruits and plantains will also be served to eat after the lunch.


Andra Pradesh Meals

Published June 1, 2011 by crazyphoenix

The Andra Pradesh is the place were we could find a spicy food variety unlike any places of the world. The flavor and  blend of masalas and food makes a mouth watery feel to any person in the world. But i bet you should have a strong sense of taste to eat it with so much spices mixed in it. Once you get used to that taste you never like eating other food stuffs. Such a delicious effect from Andra Pradesh foods.

The Telugu meals basically consists of the following:

  • Cooked Rice
  • Pappu, cooked red gram
  • Curry – Made of different vegetables
  • Vepadu – A special curry
  • Pulusu – A vegetable curry
  • Charru – A light soup
  • Pachadi/Pickle
  • Perugu/Majjima – curd/buttermilk
  • Pappadam
  • Sweet
  • Banana
  • Betel leaf/ Tamalapaku-vakkapodi
The Telugu Non-Vegetarian meal has a slight variation from the above:
  • Cooked Rice
  • Pappu
  • Kodi curry – Chicken
  • Mutton curry
  • Chepa curry – Fish
  • Royyalu curry – Prawn
  • Peethalu curry – Crab

Typical meals also include Pappucharu or Pulusu and Buttermilk or Yoghurt. Tamarind rice is eaten on special occasions or during travel because it can be preserved for one or two days.

Andhra Pradesh is also a major producer of chili pepper and the local cuisine features it. Hyderabad, the capital city of Andhra Pradesh, is famous for its Hyderabadi Biryani.

Tamil Meals

Published June 1, 2011 by crazyphoenix

The Tamil Nadu Meals is called as Saapadu which is the basic dish taken by people during afternoon’s variedly. This dish consists of many items which differs from each hotel and each part of Tamil Nadu according to their taste and preferences.

The dish is served in Banana Leaf considering it as the healthy utensil to have food according to traditional Tamil people. But in this modern world people start serving meals in silver utensils and many stylish plates too.

Tamil meals is mainly based on Rice only. With rice many other different varieties are accompanied for serving a full meal.

This type of food serving is called as “Meals” in hotels and “Virunthu Saapadu” in traditional tamil houses. Once if few guests visit the tamil houses they prepare this food item and serve the people stomach-full making them delighted with variety of food items. Tamil people are basically used to this type of customs but a person from other state or country may find it amusing and will not be able to complete his food as it has more variety and a tasteful kind too.

The meal may consist of the following food items:

  • A sweet in the beginning for a warm welcome
  • Rice
  • Sambar with more than 2 vegetables
  • Rasam
  • Puli kulambu
  • Kootu
  • Porial – minimum 3 variety
  • Curd
  • Pappad
  • Vadai
  • Pickle
  • Salt
  • Payasam
  • And finally betel leaf for digestion
The Non-Vegetarian meal may have a few items different from this. such as:
  • Sweet
  • Rice
  • Non – veg gravy – Mutton & Chicken or Fish
  • Non – Veg dry – Mutton & Chicken or Fish
  • Rasam
  • Curd
  • Pappad
  • Pickle
  • Payasam
  • Betel leaf
Once when a person completes his meal he may not basically have the capacity to work. A small sleep or a few minutes rest is a must after such a great meal.
Note: The items listed in the meals may get changed according to the city and its traditional food practices in Tamil Nadu.